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Built upon the powerful Godox-mount ecosystem, the ML100Bi is now even more versatile with its new lightweight accessories. This allows for easy and efficient light shaping, providing you with excellent lighting control and unparalleled mobility.

Portable Brilliance in Pocket-sized Design

With its dimensions of 122mm x 110mm x 46mm and weighing just 487g, the ML100Bi epitomizes portability.Its slim and lightweight design makes it the perfect choice for outdoor shooting.

Lighter, Brighter

While maintaining a lightweight design, the ML100Bi boosts high brightness with a maximum power of 100W.It shines as a standout performer among portable LED lights.

Lens Reflector: Efficient Lighting Solution

Compared to regular reflectors, the ML100Bi reflector features a more compact size.With the its two lens options (15° and 36°), it allows for precise and focused lighting or scattered lighting, meeting various shooting requirements in any environment.

Diverse power supply solutions

ML100Bi supports DC power supply, V-mount battery with 14.8V voltage, and power bank power supply (using a USB-C cable with a separately purchased power bank), extending shooting times and providing backup power for emergencies.

Comprehensive Accessory System for Various Effects

The ML100Bi offers a full range of Godox-mount accessories for light sculpting, enabling you to create stunning lighting effects in compact spaces.With the use of a Bowens mount adapter, you can expand your options for lighting setups.

Excellent Color Reproduction

With TLCI 97+ and CRI 98+, the ML100Bi delivers exceptional color reproduction, ensuring lifelike visuals and meeting diverse shooting requirements.

Precise Lighting Control

Easily adjust brightness and effects using the light body controls or the “Godox Light” app. The ML100Bi supports wireless control through the app, allowing you to precisely tailor the lighting to your needs.

Tech Specs
ModelML100 Bi
Power Supply20V⎓6A
Max.Input Power≈120W
Brightness Range0%-100%
FX Type11
Bluetooth Control DistanceMax.30m
Working Environment Temperature-10°C ~+40°C
Dimension(excluding the lens reflector)4.80"x4.33"x1.81"
Net Weight(Exclud ing lens reflector)487g

Product Firmware
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