Stereo On-camera Microphone
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Redefine Sound at Any Angle

Introducing the All-in-One stereo on-camera microphone. With its lightweight, sleek Scissors-inspired curved design, switchable pickup angles, and fine-tuning audio artistry, the IVM-S3 offers tailored audio solutions to camera and smartphone users, ideal for interviews, musical performances, and multi-person filming.

Cover All Sides

Experience the ultimate flexibility in sound capture. With its state-of-the-art adjustable sound-picking breakthrough, the IVM-S3 shows fantastic versatility from 0°/60°/90° to even 180° front-to-rear bidirectional coverage range, allowing you to get any sound to your preference.

Immerse in Real Stereo

Featuring dual front mics powered by cardioid directivity, the IVM-S3 captures every detail you desire in true stereo sound. From intimate interviews to lively musical performances, its precision and clarity are unrivaled. 

MAX 400+ HRS Internal Recording

Innovated with an extra memory card slot in TX, the IVM-S3 supports a V30 MicroSD card for over 400+ HRS continuous recording, making it a perfect on-the-go recorder to back up your creativity.

1-Click Low Cut, 10 Stepless Gain Control

Let’s Roll in the Sound! Engineered with a 1-10 stepless gain knob, the IVM-S3 provides a 0-10dB range for your exceptional creativity. With a one-click Low Cut filtering unwanted noise under 150Hz, it is dedicated to offering supreme audio as always.

Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Driven by a 470mAh long-lasting battery, the IVM-S3 provides you with up to 15h of working time. Start your creation whenever and wherever the idea strikes.

Dive into Audio-Visual Monitoring

Get ready to embrace the immersive audio-visual experience. With its built-in OLED screen and a headphone jack, the IVM-S3 allows you to effortlessly monitor the recording, and every word, every note can be captured at your will.

Widely Compatible

With a 1/4" universal cold shoe mount, a rugged shock mount, and 3 furry windscreens and TRS, TRRS cables, the IVM S3 is a great partner for your creative journey, widely compatible with cameras, smart devices, and adaptable to various applications.

Tech Specs
Frequency Range50Hz-20KHz
Max. SPL>100dB
Output lmpedance600Ω
Lithium Battery Parameters3.8V, 470mAh, 1.786Wh
Type-C Input5.0V/0.3A
Pickup Distance2m
Battery Life

Approx. 12h in recording status, 

approx. 15h in normal working status

Working Environment Temperature-10℃~+45℃
Net Weight103g

Product Firmware
Product Manual
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