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Retro Flair, Modern Flare

Timeless elegance meets cutting-edge technology with Lux Master, the latest addition to our Lux Series Retro Camera Flash. Featuring a classic folding fan-type reflector and an efficient color touchscreen, Lux Master effortlessly blends the nostalgic glow of yesteryears with the modern convenience of today.

Efficient Color Touchscreen

Experience enhanced light control with the intuitive color touchscreen. Simply swipe or tap to switch between modes or adjust settings swiftly. Crafted with meticulous attention to ergonomic design, its contours ensure effortless single-handed operation, embracing the fluidity of modernity while cherishing the enduring elegance of tradition. 

Easy Wireless Sync

Lux Master can work seamlessly with triggers like X3, XproII and X2T. Pairing with the X3 is a breeze like never before-just tap the wireless sync on the X3 and tap the sync icon on Lux Master, and they’ll synchronize wirelessly in an instant. It gives you an experience that transcends efficiency, reminiscent of an era where elegance met simplicity. 

Supports TTL

While maintaining its retro-styled appearance, Lux Master offers modern convenience with TTL auto flash, ensuring effortless and accurate flash exposure. Moreover, Lux Master also supports stroboscopic flash, front curtain sync and rear curtain sync, as well as High-Speed Sync.

Versatile Triggering Options

Enjoy the flexibility of triggering Lux Master in various ways. With its built-in 2.4G wireless receiver, it can be triggered by Godox Wireless X system flash triggers. You can also use a main flash unit such as the V1Pro to trigger. Additionally, for film cameras with a legacy hot shoe, Lux Master offers an optional auto sensor that connects your camera and flash seamlessly, facilitating accurate and consistent exposure.

Tiltable Flash Head

For photographers looking to achieve bounce flash effects, Lux Master features a tiltable flash head adjustable from 0 to 90 degrees. The scale identification allows for precise angle adjustments, ensuring natural and professional lighting effects.

Powerful and Convenient

With its built-in 7.2V 2980mAh lithium battery, Lux Master delivers strong power output, offering up to 460 full-power flashes. Recharging is quick and easy with the USB-C port, with a charging time of approximately 2 hours.

Valuable Attachments

Lux Master comes with replaceable reflectors for added versatility in lighting effects. In auto flash mode, simply tap the reflector icon to switch among four reflector types and adjust corresponding parameters such as aperture and ISO.

Tech Specs
ModelLux Master
GN(1/1 step)GN25( IS0100, in meters )
Lithium Battery ParametersDC7.2V, 2980mAh, 21.456Wh
Input Parameters5V⎓2A
Charging Time≈2h(5V/2A)
CCT of Flash Head6000K土300K

Flash Output Power in

M Mode

1/1 -1/256 ( with +0.1 increment each step )

or 10 -2.0 ( with +0.1 increment each step )

A (Auto) Flash Mode

Parameters of cameras are F2.8 and

IS0100 by default

PhotocellS1 Photocell /S2 Photocell
2.4G Wireless Channels1-32
2.4G GroupsA,B,C,D,E
2.4G Wireless IDOFF,1-99
2.4G Wireless

Transmission Distance

Max. 100m
Sync Mode

First-curtain sync, Second-curtain sync,

High-speed sync (available in separately

sold flash tigger)

Flash Head Rotatable Angle

0°-90° ( Four angles with +30°

increment each )

Working Environment


Recycle Time(1/1 step)≈1.8s

Full Power Flash Times

(1/1 step )

Battery Charging Temperature0°C-45°C
Sync TriggeringSync cord
Dimension (with reflector)≈5.51"*10.24"*3.90"
Net Weight (with reflector)≈470g

Product Firmware
Product Manual
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