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Lux Elf Retro Camera Flash

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Keep it Easy

Embark on a carefree journey with Lux Elf, your perfect companion for capturing live moments. Light as a cloud, this pocket-sized camera flash adds flexibility to your shooting on-the-go. Cherish the call of heart, grab your Lux Elf and go for an exploration!

Stylishly Compact

Ultra Sleek designed, Lux Elf strikes a perfect balance between minimalism and functionality. Compact and stylish, it’s the ideal accessory for your photography adventures.

Easy Setup

With a single contact point hotshoe, Lux Elf is compatible with all camera brands. Simply plug it in and enjoy a hassle-free experience, focusing on capturing the perfect shot.

Anytime, Anywhere

Incredibly compact and lightweight, Lux Elf fits in your pocket or handbag without taking up much space. Capture spontaneous moments with ease, wherever you are.

Preserve Your Moments

Ideal for capturing ordinary moments and transforming them into cherished memories, Lux Elf is your go-to companion for exploring the world. Whether you’re out on a hike, traveling to new destinations, or simply enjoying a day out, Lux Elf helps you capture the magic of the moment with ease.

Tailored Brightness

Simplify your photography with Lux Elf’s easy-to-use power adjust dial, offering five different power steps (1/16-1/1) for perfect shots every time.

Natural Glow

Lux Elf provides natural lighting effects for your photography, enhancing your images with a soft, natural glow.

Full of Energy

Stay creative for longer with Lux Elf’s built-in 7.4V 350mAh lithium battery, offering up to 400 flashes at full power and convenient charging via the type-c port.

Tech Specs
DataLux Elf
GN(1/1 step)GN6(ISO100,in meters)
Built-in Lithium Battery7.4V⎓350mAh
SB-C Port Inpu5V⎓2A
Flash Power Steps5:1/16—FULL
Optical Control

S1 Optical Contro

S2 Optical Contro

Working Environment Temperature10℃-50℃
Recycle Time(1/1step)≈3.6s
Flash Times(1/1step)≈400
Battery Charging

Temperature Range

SYNCHot Shoe,Sync Cord
Net Weight≈96g

Product Firmware
Product Manual
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