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LEaT X Cinec Exhibition Showcases Cutting-Edge Technology in Live Entertainment and Film Industry


Germany, Munich | February 26 - March 1, 2024

The LEaT (Live, Entertainment, and Technology) Exhibition, renowned for its convergence of live performances, entertainment, and technological innovations, was held alongside the Cinec International Film Engineering and Technology Exhibition for the first time this year. This unique collaboration brought together a diverse range of brands and professionals from the LED lighting, stage lighting, lighting control, film cameras, and event and stage lighting services sectors. Attendees included industry insiders as well as a significant number of young enthusiasts.

Exhibition Overview:

LEaT X Cinec showcased the latest advancements in audio, video, lighting, stage technology, and visual effects equipment. The exhibition provided a comprehensive insight into the various technical aspects and services involved in the filmmaking process, from photography and lighting equipment to post-production and special effects technologies.

Visitor Engagement:

The exhibition attracted a substantial number of visitors over its duration. The first day witnessed a steady flow of 300 to 400 attendees, primarily consisting of professionals from the stage and event lighting industries, showing particular interest in high-power LED lights. 

The second day saw an influx of professionals from the film and television industry, including Directors of Photography (DPs), Gaffers, film-related Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), freelance DPs, and students from film schools.

Product Highlights and Visitor Feedback:

  • F200bi & F600bi: These lights garnered significant attention, with inquiries focusing on dimensions, pricing, weight, brightness at full power, and waterproof ratings.

  • MG1200Bi & MG2400Bi: Both products received substantial interest, particularly in the brightness of the MG2400 (with a 45-degree reflector), even in comparison to other stage lights present.

  • P1200R/P600R/P300R: Visitors showed a preference for the practicality of the RGBW panel light, with inquiries concentrated on weight, brackets, and the possibility of multiple light combinations.

  • Liteflow: Recognized for its versatility, Liteflow 50 was deemed practical for medium-sized studios and video production. There were discussions regarding the usefulness of smaller mirror sizes for portrait photography and product photography.

  • S60bi with Light Intensifier: Esteemed by film school instructors for classroom demonstrations, the S60bi with Light Intensifier received attention for its ability to control light and maintain brightness effectively.


The LEaT X Cinec Exhibition provided an unparalleled platform for industry professionals and enthusiasts to explore the latest technological advancements and engage in meaningful discussions. With its innovative products and interactive booth design, Godox emerged as a standout participant, leaving a lasting impression on visitors.

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