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Godox at The PHOTOPIA Hamburg Show, given Best Flash TIPA World Awards 2022



[Hamburg, Germany, October 13–16, 2022] The PHOTOPIA Hamburg 2022 successfully ended on October 16. A wide range of professional imaging products and services were exhibited at PHOTOPIA, including photo and video recording, editing, processing, storage, displaying, and sharing. The world-renowned TIPA General Assembly has honored Godox Macro Flash MF12 with Best Flash TIPA World Awards 2022.



GODOX, a leading brand in the photographic equipment industry domestic and abroad, brought a full range of products to the exhibition. Batches of visitors experimented with our products and took the speed-photo challenge shooting models at our booth. 


The unique Godox Lux Series - retro camera flashes are leading the new trend on the market. The Godox Lux Junior is a lightweight flash with a vintage design that's easy to use, and portable gear especially for street photographers and others. Its auto mode matches almost every camera. Godox Lux Senior, a pocket-sized and fan-shaped flash that’s fun to use, could be ideally utilized at parties or family gatherings to keep track of precious moments. And its USB-C rechargeable function saves the trouble of searching for the batteries. Some time ago Godox released their color editions, benefiting users with more aesthetic options.


Micro Flash MF12 just won the Best Flash of TIPA World Awards 2022. It makes macro photography easy. You can capture beautiful and sharp photos of small subjects from an extremely close distance with this flash head. A quick positioning head and flash stand are included with the MF12. An optional adapter allows you to mount up to six MF12 flash heads directly to a lens. As an off-camera TTL flash, the MF12 can work with the Godox flash triggers that are compatible with main brand cameras.

The MF12 Macro Flash adopts 2.4 GHz wireless technology and includes 5 groups with 32 channels. Its compact design, its size, and wireless capabilities make it a good option for general photography as well. Approximately 500 full-power flashes can be fired from the built-in lithium battery within 0.01 to 1.7 seconds. A USB Type-C cable is included for easy battery charging. Included with the MF12 Macro Flash are the MF-11C Colour Effects and MF-11T Colour Temperature Adjustment Sets. 


Godox Parabolic Light Focusing System shapes your light in a distinctive way that the exquisite 24-brace reflector works perfectly as a light re-inventor creating dimensions no other light shapers could, so you will get great light variations from just one modifier.


Thanks for your support for Godox and we look forward to meeting you next time.

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