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Godox at Cine Gear Expo ATL


The Cine Gear Expo ATL was held from 7-8 Oct 2022 in Atlanta, America, offering artists and technicians the opportunity to discover state-of-the-art technology and techniques including content capture hardware, workflow software, support equipment, and the latest production services. It is a unique opportunity for attendees to gain hands-on experience, learn from world technology leaders, and network with peers all in a professional and comfortable setting. 

Godox, as a devoted exhibitor, displayed many products in this exhibition, including Knowled MG1200Bi, TL series, and more. 


MG1200Bi is Godox's most illuminated and powerful light ever, with 1200-watt output power at all ranges and bi-color temperature settings from 2700K to 7000K. Its beam angle reaches 120°. Both the light body and the control box of the MG1200Bi are IP54 waterproof, and its thermal protection prevents overheating.

This gear includes diverse light effect modes, with adaptable intensity and speed. What's more, it equips four dimming rate modes. There are three highlights of its fan system: intelligent, quiet, and fan fault diagnosis. In addition to onboard control, this fixture is also controlled by remote control, DMX lighting board, CRMX, RDM, and APP. 


With the Godox TL 180, the latest product in the TL Series, users can create freely and choose from over 36,000 colors. It also supports RGBWW and HSL settings and maintains good color fidelity.

Users can choose from 14 special effects modes in addition to music modes on TL 180. The system supports remote, App, and DMX control modes. Using batteries while charging is possible. Upon full charge, they can operate for 160 minutes at full power.


We appreciate your support for Godox and will strive to create more excellent products for you.

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