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Godox at Euro Cine Expo 2022


Euro Cine Expo 2022 was held from July 1st to 2nd at the Zenith exhibition hall in Germany, which was a flagship European event. Exhibitors displayed the latest kit, technologies and developments in cameras, lenses, lighting and grip. There were also thousands of visitors from all over Europe. The first Euro Cine Expo achieved a great success indeed.


Godox, as an enthusiastic exhibitor, presented many products, such as M600D, VL300 Spotlight Attachment, Parabolic 128, CS-85D, SZ150R, WMicS1, TX3-XLR and VDS-M3.


KNOWLED M600D is an high-put LED light in daylight version, combining both brightness of variable angle and efficiency. The efficiency lies in its precise adjustment, scientific dimming, powering anywhere and cooling soundless. Besides, it owns ergonomic design and beauty, which is a manifestation of your professionalism. For example, it possesses some traits, such as robust construction, precise shaping, flawless color rendition. 

LD panel light delivers soft and even light without any hot spots, and it makes everything seem to come alive.You have access to over 16.7 million colors with LD series. Besides, it offers the instant flexibility for fast changing projects. It is compatible with softbox, honeycomb and barndoor to get softer and controllable light. It owns a flicker-free technology even in slow motion video. There are also some perfect functions in the intuitive user interface such as one tap lock and silent mode. LD series can support multi control. Finally, it can be upgraded by USB port.


WMicS1 is a compact wireless microphone system that is suitable for various uses, with various options of kits. Thanks to its 96 channels, you can run multiple sets of systems at the same time without disturbance. It can receive stable signal up to 100 meters. You can also enjoy real-time audio monitoring for sound control. The microphone has the advantages of high sensitivity, noise-reduction, and movable clip-on design. Lastly, it is durable and inconspicuous when used in street interview, conference lecture and live streaming.

TX3-XLR transmitter is a reliable choice to digitally record whenever and wherever you want. Pairing up the TX3-XLR with the WMicS1, you get an outstanding UHF wireless system. The maximum operating range is 60m, with 96 channels and adjustable RF output.It has the professional live monitoring function, and you can operate it easily.

VDS-M3 is a multi-functional supercardioid condenser shotgun microphone that can benefit any high quality record needs.M3 brings out the best for travelling or run-to-go applications.It can capture the clean and rich sound. Built-in battery allows M3 to work for surprising 220 hours after a full charge. Besides, it turns to its own battery if without input current. It is smart enough to remember your setting after being turned off and on next time for a consistent recording.


Thank you for paying attention to Godox, and we are going to bring you more products.

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