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Godox at Photo NEXT 2022


Photo NEXT Expo was held from June 7th to 8th at Yokohama Pacifico Exhibition hall in Japan, which developed the largest event of professional equipment & materials/seminars/photography products clothing exhibition! The number of enrollment reaches about 8000 people, 2400 more than that in last year.



This year, Godox took part in the event and presented many products, such as QT400Ⅲ, QR-P120, Spotlight Attachment, KNOWLED  M600D,  AD400Pro, AD300Pro, AD-S65W softbox.


QT400III has been updated from Quicker series, so it can perform better in modeling light,HSS, and other essential features. It excels at subjects moving fast and captures their full details and best moments, firing 20 images per second with a fast recycling time of 0.01-0.9s. In its multi-flash mode, you can create wonderful images of movement. Its HSS mode provides larger apertures and achieve other creative ideas, and its stable color temperature mode improves color accuracy. Also, it embraces a more powerful and energy-saving 40W LED modelling light adjustable from 0-100%. Featuring adjustable output from 1/256 to 1/1, QTIII series adds precise control to its power. You can fully control the strobe by using the build-in 2.4G wireless system within a 50m distance. It works with Godox’s complete light shaper system to sculpt different light effects.


KNOWLED M600D is an high-put LED light in daylight version,combining both brightness of variable angle and efficiency. The efficient lies in its precise adjustment, scientific dimming, powering anywhere and cooling soundless. Besides, it owns ergonomic design and beauty, which is a manifestation of your professionalism. For example, it possesses some traits, such as robust construction, precise shaping, flawless color rendition.


Because of the build-in Godox 2.4G wireless X system, AD400Pro has great compatibility and supports to install different types of accessories by replacing its adapter ring. There are two power supply methods with great flexibility. What is more, it is small, light, and portable.


Special thanks for Kenko Professional Imaging Co., Ltd co-exhibiting with us!

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