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Godox At Hamburg Open 2022


[Hamburg, Congress Center, June 1-2,2022]-Hamburg Open is the Germany’s innovation and networking event for broadcast and AV technology professionals, with its combination of networking event, exhibition and conference, it’s been a key date in the calendar for Germany’s broadcast and AV technology industry every year since 2009.


Godox as a high-tech manufacturing facility specializing in light and audio equipment, also attended the exhibition with many newly released products showing. 

For the audio gears, we exhibited our Movelink, Compact Directional Microphone Geniusmic, UHF Wireless Microphone System WMicS1, Compact Directional Shotgun Microphone VD-Mic, Vlog Kit 2 for Mobile Devices and so on.


For the lighting solutions, we displayed Daylight LED Light KNOWLED M600D, Litemons LED Light LA150D LA200D and Litemons Bi-color LED Light LA150Bi LA200Bi, E-sports LED Light ES45 Kit, Tube Light TL60 and extra.




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