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Godox at Photovision 2022


[Athens, Greece, April 8-10, 2022] – Photovision being the reference point of industry professionals which include photography and videography, took place from 8 to 10 April 2022 at the Closed P. Faliro Exhibition Center (formerly Tae Kwon Do). The 14th edition of Photovision 2022 is the important event with emphasis on extroversion, innovation and the promotion of new products and services. 


Parabolic light focusing system, is a truly parabolic reflector that ensures smooth spread, beautiful contrast and focusable versatility in one. The light effects of parabolic light focusing system is best for fashion, beauty, fine-art and other artistic creations. It has 24 braces which means a large number of reflected panels that makes the modifier as close as a circular source. It comes in four sizes: P68, P88,P128, P158, which could be used in different scenarios.


Godox SL series also displayed on the show. SL series video light is the budget-friendly product line which could be used for small place lighting, such as quick-rig studio solution or short commercial. SL100, a powerful 32100 lux at 1 meter is surprising brightness from this little unit. SL100 scores over 96 on CRI and 97 on TLCI, supporting that everything bathed under this light is a true-to-life show.


Godox Brand Ambassador Mr John Makris had a workshop at Photovision 202232.jpg30.jpg

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Godox at Photovision 2022

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