Q:I wanted to ask which is better for outdoor photography between Octabox and Softbox? I have a Godox V1 flash.

It just depends on if you prefer round or square catchlights. The Godox QRP softboxes are excellent in providing soft light and also nice output as well.

Q:When getting a purchasing a beauty dish, what’s the difference between the silver lined dish and the white lined dish?

Silver lined dishes have more specular highlights and white lined have softer lighting. The difference is more notable when using no diffusion or one diffusion panel.

Q: Whether both UB-165S & UB-165W comes with Diffuser Cloth or not?

The UB-165S & UB-165W parabolic umbrella do not come with diffuser cloth but we do offer the  DPU-165T diffuser for optional purchase.

Q: Can I use the tent diffuser ML-CD15 and ML-CS165 on a ml60?

Yes, they work well with ML60.

Q: Can this projection device SA-17 be used with studio strobes with bowens mount?

Currently this projection cannot be used with studio strobes with bowens mount or AD seires flashes. But we will seriously consider making an adapter to connect flashes and projection.

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