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Good day, guys. This is your mate, Aries Tao.

Today, we are looking into the AD200pro family. I'm going to combine the R200 with the S200 head to do a multiple light setup.

Clamshell Beauty Lighting 

The first light setup is called clamshell lighting. It's very frequently used in beauty makeup sort of photos, but here I use it for outdoor photos. The ring light with the reflector acts very much like a beauty dish. After adding S200, you can instantly see the difference.

Defined Portraiture with R200 and S200

For the second light setup, I used R200 and combined it with UB 130D as a key light over her face, and S200 as a hairlight. So, she has a bit more separation from the background. 

Adapt to Skin Tones

Even with clamshell lighting, you can have so much fun with it. Like, you can have a soft beauty dish kind of key light and harsh fill light, or soft fill light. But here in this scenario, I use a very harsh key light because if you look into the magazine, different skin tones actually work with different harshness or different color of lights. 

Because Jenna has this olive tan, harsh light actually works better on her to bring out her definition. And you'll notice the shadow parts. 

Like, it's optional, but for me, the shadow part is too dark. That's why I use the ring flash as a fill light to bring out the shadow details, especially since she has these beautiful blue eyes. The fill light will make her blue eyes look extremely amazing.

Slow Shutter for Motion Blur

Hey, guys. So here I'm trying to do some slow shutter for motion blur. 

Typically, you can do whatever you like. Personally, my preference is somewhere between 1/15s towards 1/50s. The reason is that you can have some noticeable motion blur, but it's relatively subtle, and you can still tell the background is there, right?

Regarding lighting, I can have one light setup with S200.


In conclusion, today we pretty much focus on the AD200 family, including the S200 stick light and R200 ring light. We use one light setup, but we focus more on the multiple light setup. 

Here are my thoughts: one light is good, but it's always good to have multiple arrows in your quiver so that in different situations, you can come up with different formulas to be more creative. This is your mate, Aries Tao. I will see you in the next episode.

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