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Food photography requires you to be pretty quick, the food does not stay very fresh and in place for long, that’s why this kit is a real go to in these situations.

photographer Richard Weinstein shows how he uses the versatile AD-K1 three lights Kit for several food photo shoots. With the same kit Richard achieves both bright appetizing feel and nice moody style.





I am Richard Weinstein as Sydney Advertising food and drink photographe. I am known for my easy relaxed style, creative lighting and quick setups.


We will be using the 3 lights backpack kit ADK1. It comes with 3 light stands It has a  AD300 Pro and 2 AD 100 Pro lights included and a few accessories. Which included is the incredible a 60cm softbox, it is easy to use folds down compactly, and umbrella with the diffuser also good for rapid setup and beautiful light quality.



Setup 1


I am looking to photograph some Sydney rock oysters which is the food shoots. I am looking to give a lighting effect of a late afternoon light with deep shadows and bright appetising feel. So I have started with my AD100 and I am using that as a backlight with the barn door attachment which magnetically clips on .


There is no cables and no power cords, these battery powered lights are just so easy to use. You can see the light control of the barn doors which gives you that really strong and sharp shadow. I’m getting my composition a little closer to the final image before I adjust the other lights.


Adding another AD100 Pro with a honeycomb just as a side light to bring up the texture of the food and add interest. These lights are so powerful so flexible and quick to setup. So its a 3 lights setup and time going with the AD300 with a soft box and honeycomb attachment , and it all gets controlled form the remote trigger.


Food photography requires you to be quick, as food doesn’t stay fresh or in place for very long and that why this kit is perfect for these situations.



Setup 2


The image I have had in mind for a while is to create a moody whisky cocktail feel with a bit of action. So I am starting with a dark background getting the glasses and setup in place. Tethering the camera makes it great to see the lighting effect, I love mixing hard and soft light. I am going to start with a strong backlight creating long shadows and bring up the color of the whisky cocktail, starting with the barn door accessory which is a great piece of the kit to control the direction of the light.


These Ad100 are super powerful and give you more than enough light power. Adding some ice adding liquid let’s me start seeing the effect that we are hoping to create. I love shooting tethered so you really get a sense of all the little details and any adjustments you need to make.



Second light that I am bringing in is the honeycomb attachment to the Ad100. It can sharp light to pick up the dehydrated lemons and oranges and give small amounts of light to the ice and glassware.


I want to lift the whole scene and this is where the AD300 Pro is so amazing so much power. I am diffusing the light using the umbrella with that incredible diffuser  attachment. It is such a versatile light and I am just skimming of the side of the umbrella which creates a lovely quality of that light source from Godox. Splash with ice and I think we may have captured the effect.


Set up 3


I am shooting on location at Pork Hub Cafe in Alexandria. Arthur has made some beautiful dishes which we are hoping to capture a couple before his customers arrive.

In my kit, I have one AD300 Pro and two AD100, so quick and easy to setup

no power cords to look for battery operated. I am working with the expandable umbrella and diffuser and a backlight barn door attachment and side light honeycomb attachment.

It probably took me about 5 minutes to setup lights, some food in front of camera and we are hoping for personal feel with staff in the background, I am shooting pretty wide open.


2 Light setup


I am shooting food from overhead, mixing the light with ambient sun coming through

also using one of the lights to compliment to direction of the natural light. Still keeping a bit of mood, food is really easy to work with when you are using a combination of soft light and hard light, you get beautiful texture. Try and keep it really fresh real and authentic to what this cafe produces.


The beauty of having this portable kit is you are not looking to run any cables or looking for extensions. These beautiful little lights can tuck away, they are super light and give you so much flexibility to and creativity to the work you are trying to produce.