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Welcome to Godox lighting solutions for live streaming. This article discusses how to create a high-quality camping livestreaming studio through lighting setup.


We selected a beautiful meadow to build the studio, using tents, tarps, chairs, and tables to set up the scene.

When livestreaming outdoors at night, the background can sometimes be too dark, so we focused on creating different layers to make the visuals more dynamic and interesting.

To start, we set up a tent and a small tarp as the main streaming area and added some camping tables and chairs in front of the tarp. Additionally, we set up another tarp in the right-rear corner of the image to add depth.

For perfect background lighting, we used LED fairy lights to tie them up to the ropes of the tarp, the rope between the two tarps, and the fence behind, creating a post-scene vibe.

We also placed the TL120 that was adjusted to 4200k under the tarp in the background and in the tent behind the streamer, to add mood and depth to the scene.

At the top of the tarp behind the streamer, we hung the TL30 as well as string lights, camping lights, and other types of lighting to add depth to the image.

At the left rear of the tent, we positioned an M300Bi that was adjusted to 6000k and powered by a portable power station. This light was used to illuminate the meadow behind the streamer, as well as the tent and tarp in the background. It added visual appeal to the background, which was previously full of darkness.

Two TL120 that were adjusted to 4200k were positioned under the tarp behind the streamer. These lights illuminated the tarp from bottom to top and provided backlighting for the streamer.

To light the area above the streamer and the table in front of her, we used an F22Bi flexible light with a softbox and grids on top of the streamer. The light was powered by two V-mount batteries.

For the key light, we placed an SL300III with a P120 softbox above the left front of the streamer. This lit up the streamer and the products on the table from top to bottom. We used a portable power station to power the light.

To provide fill light and illuminate the streamer and shadows on the table caused by the key light, we placed an M300Bi with a P90 softbox above the right front. Again, we used a portable power station to power the light.

After all the lighting set up, we can adjust the parameters of the lights through Godox Light, which greatly streamlines our workflow. 

The power supply is the most important part when livestreaming on location. We used portable power stations and V-mount batteries to power the lights, which can support them for about three to four hours. If you need more power supply time, you can use more batteries to ensure the process is supported. A gasoline engine generator can also be used to support the lights.

So that’s the solution for creating an outdoor camping livestreaming studio. If you found it useful, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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