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Welcome to Godox lighting solutions for live streaming. Today we will share with you a multi-lighting solution for high-quality cosmetic live streaming.

Most live streams face issues such as color deviation, unstable lighting and lack of emphasis on the streamer and product. To solve these problems, we will demonstrate how to use environment light, key light, fill light, back light and background light to create an attractive cosmetic live stream studio.

Step 1

Environment Light

Position an SL300III with a standard reflector and aim the ceiling at 45° upward. This will improve the overall brightness of the studio by diffusing the reflection of the ceiling.

Step 2

Key Light

Place an SL300III with an QR-P90 softbox with a grid on the left front of the streamer to light her from top to bottom, filling lighting for her and the product. The grids help in precise control of light, preventing light spillage which could affect the background lighting.

Step 3

Fill Light

Use an SL300III with an QR-P90 softbox with a grid on the right front of the streamer to light her from up to down, reducing shadows on her face and improving the details of the product. The high color rendering of SL300III helps in reducing the return rate caused by color deviation.

Step 4

Back Light

Arrange the SL300III with the SB-BW 60x90 softbox on the left and right sides behind the streamer respectively. Adjust the brightness and angle of the lights to illuminate her hair and highlight her profile, effectively separating her from the background to create depth and emphasis on her. The light on the left side contours the streamer and provides a back light for the product, making it more noticeable and brighter.

Step 5

Background Light

Set up a warm-toned desk lamp on the right side of the background. Place an R1 and adjust it in warm tones on the shelf to the left of the background, creating a background ambiance and add depth to the image.

Let’s take a look at the affects after lighting set up

So that’s the lighting solution for building a high-quality cosmetic live stream studio. If you like it and want to learn more about the lighting solutions for live stream, don’t forget to subscribe our YouTube channel. 

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