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The Qingming festival is a traditional Chinese festival to commemorate the remembering of ancestors. “All I Want” from Henan TV production “Adventures of the Qingming Festival” is a song expressing deep thoughts about the hometown and the past. In the show, Godox KNOWLED MG1200Bi was used to create the scenes and light the characters.


On location, the production team loved Godox professional LED light, the MG1200Bi, with its impressive brightness, stable control and beautiful light quality.

Thanks to the newly designed G-Mount, the MG1200Bi can work with various light shaping accessories to create different lighting effects.

With the color temperature range from 2800K to 6500K, MG1200Bi can realistically simulate morning, noon, dusk and other daylight effects with an even and natural light effect.

Designed according to production-ready standards, MG1200Bi is born for filmmaking and broadcasting industry.

Flexible Mat F200Bi

The team also used the flexible mat F200Bi for narrow space lighting setup. It offers the perfect combination of weight, brightness, durability, and performance for the application.

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