LITEMONS Full-color LED Light
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Colorful Lighting Excellence

Compared to traditional Bi-color lights, the LA series offer superior quality and efficiency. With a broad CCT range of 1800K-10000K (2800K-6500K for LA300Bi), adjustable GM value, and film-grade GEL mode, they reduce post-processing and eliminate the need for filters and extra lights, thereby streamlining equipment.

Premium Beads for Exceptional Brightness

Adhering to professional LED design standards by KNOWLED, the LA series exceeds industry benchmarks with optical efficiency parameters significantly surpassing traditional RGB lights.

NFC Addition: Seamlessly Add Your Device

Opening the Godox Light app near the NFC chip on the light instantly adds it, enabling seamless integration and easy control. This feature accelerates adding multiple lights, making multi-light setups faster and more efficient.

Adaptable Lighting with Versatility

Versatile lighting options abound in the LA series, which features both RGB and Bi-color temperature settings and is compatible with diverse accessories, catering to a multitude of shooting scenarios.

DC & V-Mount Battery Power Supply

The LA series offers convenient power options, featuring a universal 48V DC power supply interface and compatibility with V-mount batteries for mobile lighting setups, paired with the Godox DBP-V Dual Battery Plate(purchase separately).

LA Series Lighting Kits for Any Setting

Offering single lights and three-light kits with storage bags for protection during transport. The side of the bag features an external holder for light stands, providing more freedom compared to built-in storage.

Elevate Your Live-streaming Visuals

The LA series is perfect for indoor live streaming, offering colorful ambiance and a simple setup process that enhances entry-level creators' efficiency and delivers high-quality visuals.

Smooth App Control

The Godox Light App offers smooth lighting adjustments and has been upgraded with a new scene-switching feature. You can easily connect multiple lights for synchronized control and remote operation of various FX effects. 

Bowens Mount Compatibility

The LA series featuring a universal Bowens mount which ensures compatibility with a variety of light control accessories, maximizing your creative potential.

Tech Specs
Input Power165W220W330W330W
Power Supply100V-240V ~ 50/60Hz
GM Adjust-100%~ 100%
Brightness Range0%-100%
Bluetooth Control DistanceMax.30m
Working Environment Temperature-20C ~40"C
Dimension (without reflector)≈9.09"x6.14"x9.37
Net Weight (without reflector)≈2.5kg

Product Firmware
Product Manual
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