Litemons Tabletop LED Light
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Tabletop Shooting Companion

Cost less and create more. That’s our LC30D/Bi. Targeted at tabletop shooting, the light is meant to serve as a competent and budget-friendly solution for your utmost convenience. The cup-sized body makes it easy to be set up and carried around. Attached with diffusion accessories, it provides bright and variable lighting for small products photography and tabletop live streaming like handwork, smartphone teardown and more.

Small Makes Stunning

Adding that magical touch to your creations doesn’t ask for clumsy equipment, only if you own a LC30D/Bi. Measuring 76*76*92mm and weighing only 299g, the light can be transported and set up so easily as if holding a mug cup.

Tabletop Live streaming

Good lighting makes your live streaming shining! Mounted with a collapsible diffusion dome, LC30D/Bi provides bright, soft and variable light effects for tabletop live streaming. The desk-clamp arm is room-saving and flexible, ensuring a satisfying light effect even in very limited space. Clay figure DIY, succulent plant potting up, jewelry show, smartphone teardown......Turn on the light and share attractive content with no needs to show your face!

Product Photography

Also designed to benefit product photography, the compact light guarantees a very flexible setup while saving room in your studio. The concentrated beam is so potent to light up every detail of small products, add layers or stress on a certain part, like the logo, of large products. 

Handheld Flexibility Anywhere

With the grip and battery box in the accessory kit ML-AK, the light becomes the power in your hand. Holding such a run-and-gun power, you can make every creative idea real even when the subject needs illumination from the most bizarre angles.

Accurate Color Rendering

Embracing a high CRI/TLCI rating of 95+/96+, the light ensures natural and faithful colors in live streaming and product photography.

Free Option of Color Temperature

The LC30D provides daylight-balanced 5600k lighting as a pure intensity choice, while the bi-colored LC30Bi, adjustable from 3200K-6500K, is well prepared to match with other light sources and make creative scenes.

Creative Special Light Effects

LC30D features 8 FX light effects, including Flash 1, Flash 2, Flash 3, Storm 1, Storm 2, Storm 3, broken bulb and TV, providing more creative possibilities without extra cost. LC30Bi adds another three light effects: Candle, Fire and Firework.

Dual Power Supply

Run with DC adapter or two NP-F970 batteries (optional), the LC30D/Bi extends its flexibility to meet various shooting requirements.

Tech Specs
Power SupplyDC14VDC14V
Color Temperature5600K3200K-6500K
FX Type811
Brightness Range0%-100%
Working Environment Temperature-10℃~40℃
Net Weight≈299g≈299g

Product Firmware
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