XLR Cardioid Condenser Microphone
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Home or studio, live streaming, recording vocals, instruments, or podcasting, XMic10L is always the one to trust. It provides smooth and clean audio without any buzzing and has a robust metal housing for a reliable lifespan.

Large Gold-Plated Diaphragm

The built-in 25mm gold-plated diaphragm is custom-engineered to capture vocals and instruments. Featuring wide frequency and high sensitivity, it can deliver a warm and natural sound with detailed accuracy.

Creation without Distractions

The cardioid pickup pattern makes sure that your voice enters the microphone clearly while reducing sounds from the sides and rear. Especially suitable for environments with ambient noises or room resonances.

Elegant and Durable

XMic10L is durable with a sleek and elegant design. It has rugged all-metal construction for long-lasting performance and can protect the mic from the harm of colliding and dropping. 

No More Plosives

If you’re a singer or podcaster, never worried about that your audio will litter with p and b sounds anymore! The specially designed double-layered grill can prevent disruptive plosives for cleaner audio.

XLR for Stable Transmission

The XLR connection ensures a stable signal transmission with less unwanted noises and interference. Moreover, it can lock the cable in place in case of unplugging by accident.

Shock Mount Protection

The microphone comes with a professional shock mount, avoiding any unwanted handling noises and vibrations.

Quick Setup with AI2C

Running on 48V phantom power, it can be connected to the Godox audio interface AI2C. Simply plug it to power on, then you’re ready for recording, singing or streaming on computers, laptops, or smartphones.

Tech Specs
Connecting PortXLR
Diaphragm25mm gilded
Microphone TypeCondenser
Max.Sound Pressure Level140dB(1kHz,THD≤1%)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio75dB(A-Weighted, 1KHz, Pa)
Frequency Bandwidth20Hz-20KHz(±3dB)
Power Supply48V
Rated Current3mA
lnternal Impedance50
Rated load Impedance≥1000'Ω
Equivalent Noise16dB
Net Weight416g

Product Firmware
Product Manual
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