Andrew Hemming

United Kingdom

Andrew’s style of photography is mostly influenced by the classical schools of photography, art and sculpture. He is continually learning new lighting techniques and compositions by studying the past great masters.

He has won numerous awards including:

MPA International Wedding Photographer of the Year 2020

MPA Regional Winner in Commercial Photography 2020

SWPP Winner of Nature Category 2020

MPA UK Wedding Style Winner 2019

MPA UK Illustrative Photographer 2019

MPA UK Wedding Photographer of the Year 2017

Andrew’s photography has been published in the magazine “The Photographer” and featured many times in "The Master Photographer” in the UK.

“There are many influences that have personally inspired me throughout my photographic career. I have attended workshops and conventions, which have assisted me in building a connection with many of the leading photographers from around the world. This has greatly added to my photography knowledge and experience. I am very happy to have met many awesome photographers and made some friends along the way too.

I continue to study works of art from outside photography for inspiration and guidance. There is a wealth of knowledge out there, just waiting to be discovered!” 

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