Sam Nguyen


Sam’s photography features Fine Art Lighting, who takes pictures for many famous dress designers in Vietnam as well as the Top Celebrities. He likes to use auxiliary effects to make photos richer and more attractive, such as smoke, water, sand and colored gels to make a great difference. He likes Godox for the wider light ecosystem, allowing him to combine from small Flash to Studio light, as well as LED. “I'm very influenced by painting in my photography style, I want to take pictures that are picturesque, and really unique and impressive photos that no one else can do.”

He is often busy taking photos all over the world, having traveled to more than 20 countries to take photos and weddings for the top Top Celebrity in Vietnam. He has been invited to serve as a promotional ambassador for Korea about tourism as an ambassador.

His favorite and most challenging project is in Phong Nha - Quang Binh province, which he was opened by the provincial tourism department to make a set of photos to promote tourism. "Here, we had to kayak 4,500 meters, shooting in wet caves and low-light conditions, but thanks to the convenience of Godox's compact lights, my team completed an excellent and impressive set of photos, in a place that no one has ever taken before.”

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