Parabolic 68/88/128/158

P68/88/128/158 Kit

Parabolic Focusing System
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Parabolic Light Focusing System

For visual artists, there is no limit to investigate the possibility of light for expressions.

Godox Parabolic Light Focusing System realizes a distinctive way to shape your light. Thanks to the engineering preciseness and pursuit of excellence, the exquisite 24-brace reflector works perfectly as a light re-inventor creating dimensions no other light shapers could. Benefiting from the focusing system you will get great light variations from just one modifier. Enter the world of parabolic light force exploring the pro light shaping!

True Parabolic

Parabolic reflector may not be a new concept for you, but only a few tops stay true to the name and with certain entry barrier. Now, after the persistent efforts of Godox, you have a trusty choice to make an easy decision.Only reflector that shaped specifically as a parabola gives the characteristic light performance, that’s how this one is required to be, a truly parabolic reflector that ensures smooth spread, beautiful contrast and focusable versatility in one.

How light travels

Let' s see what science is behind its magic light results—a geometric graph that defines any point on the curve at an equal distance from a focus and the directrix. Put that on light system, the curve represents reflector, axis of symmetryis where focusing rod is with light source as a point moving along on it to achieve a range of light qualities.

Light first travels onto reflector and then bounce outward to hit your subject. The curve reflects rays in certain angles depending on the light position. When the light is placed most inward, scattered rays are stretched to form a focused and narrow beam with great contrast; when at the focus, rays being collimated to output parallel light that keep both strength and smoothness. When light is moved further out, reflected rays tend to diffuse, with some hit the subject while some spread out away, so light becomes softer with less contrast.

Prominent Light Master

You will be impressed by the magnificent light effects it provides. Shadows being cast in a sense of gorgeous sculpturing for elegant dimensionality. Rich contrast could be obtained while tonal areas being evenly lit, with depth, details and charms merged in one piece. And vibrant colors well maintained to strength the impact. What's more, the overall intensity is adjustable to your visual aesthetics. At all levels of light quality, the system shows its undoubted masterfulness, best for fashion, beauty, fine-art and other artistic creations.

24 Braces

24 braces means a large number of reflected panels that makes the modifier as close as a circular source, thus a more efficient weapon to put your power to good use. Even coverage of quality light with elegant tonal balance that every professional photographer ever dreams of is now within your reach.

For the Master’s Touch-Diffusers

Diffusers adjust the overall wash of shaped light to a less hard mood, with two densities for 1/2 stop or 1 stop reduction of shadow contrast.

For the Master’s Touch-Grid

Grid controls the light spill and gives a more focused beam, which at the same time enhances the contrast and saturation at certain degrees.

Small and Versatile Adapter Ring

The adapter ring that connects light head is designed with small diameter, so to not block any light output for more efficient illumination. Besides the compatibility with Godox, Bowens and Profoto mount strobes, it also adapts Godox ring lights with optional accessories. And more to be expected with Godox future lights!

Secure Your Light

Two layers of thoughtful design to protect your light head from falling to crash. And with obstruct ring,  you can push rob as far as it goes without worrying it sliding out of the reflector and drop.

Tech Specs

ModelGodox Parabolic 68 Reflector Kit
Size70.0 cm
Interior ColorSilver

ModelGodox Parabolic 88 Reflector Kit
Size90.0 cm
Interior ColorSilver

ModelGodox Parabolic 128 Reflector Kit
Size120.0 cm
Interior ColorSilver

ModelGodox Parabolic 158 Reflector Kit
Size150.0 cm
Interior ColorSilver

ModelPF-R870 Focusing Rod
Dimensions928 x 35 mm

ModelPF-R670 Focusing Rod
Dimensions728 x 35 mm

ModelCB35 Carrying Bag
Exterior Dimensions94 x 30.5 x 27 cm

ModelCB36 Carrying Bag
Exterior Dimensions117 x 30.5 x 27 cm

Product Firmware
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