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Godox Most Powerful Power Pack

It’s the most powerfulpower pack we’ve ever made and is definitely a giant leap in the Godox innovation history. Integrating technology, engineering, and craftsmanship, its power, speed, and consistency are all breathtaking.

Breakthrough Power

Even photographing in large-scale or complicate sets is no challenge for this robust beast.

  • Never miss any detail of your shooting subjects. You can choose the low ISO value and reduce aperture to increase depth of field so that you can easily obtain perfect images.

  • Never worry about high-volume continuous shootings. It greatly boosts your productivity thanks to its consistent output, enabling you to capture more quality shots without breaking the flow.

  • Boldly use with hundreds of light modifiers to simulate natural light sources and create a wide range of soft light without worrying about losing power.

Let the Speed Blow You Away
  • With an incredibly short flash duration of up to 1/17800s, it allows you to freeze every instant dynamic movement in sharp, unexceptionabledetail.

  • The recycling time is even faster in FREEZE mode, giving you the confidence that you will never miss a wonderful moment as you don’t have to wait for the flash.

  • A thoughtful design on the recycling time which allows you to adjust based on your different power supply condition. Fast or slow recycling time are all at your disposal.

Uncompromising Color Consistency

In stable color temperature mode itensures ultimate color consistencyfrom flash to flash, satisfying your strict requirement on color accuracy and saving your time, money in post-production. 

Symmetrical or Asymmetrical? It’s up to You

It supports fully symmetrical and asymmetrical power distribution over two flash outlets. So not only can you distribute the same power between the two heads. But you also can experience unparalleled flexibility to control each outlet independently and tremendous creative freedom to play with various lighting possibilities.

Intuitive and Precise Control

Enjoy a simple, smooth, and efficient interactive experience thanks to the large high-definition color screen and intuitive interface. Finely adjustable in 1/10 f-stop increments from 4.6 up to 2400Ws, it offers you 512 steps power ratio range to achieve precise control.

Well-designed Flash Head, Irreplaceable Light Effect

Specially designed for the P2400 are the zoomable flash head H2400P and the ring flash head R2400, each presenting an impeccable lighting effect of the 2400Ws power pack, making the P2400 a professional and complete lighting system. The H2400P with a 60W and the R2400 with a 40W LED modeling light to deliver impressive brightness and help you get a more accurate preview of how the light falls on your subject.

Creat with Unlimited Possilibitiles

The H2400P and R2400 light heads each opens to a wide variety of light shaping possibilities. Designed with the Bowens mount, the H2400P can work with most Bowens mount accessories. With a specially designed light shaping system, the R2400 can also deliver superior and diversified lighting effects for your creation.  

Shoot with Unrivalled Connectivity
  • Physical Connection

It also supports physical connection with sync cords, allowing you to avoid any interference and maintain the sync speed without delay even under extreme conditions.

Two Different Frequency Systems

Built-in with the 2.4G and 433 MHz wireless trigger systems, you can freely switch between to avoid the interference and enjoy a reliable shooting environment. It’s compatible with Godox triggers X2, XPro, X1, and FT-16.

Optional Flash Head Extension Cord

Godox offers two optional flash head extension cord to meet your needs for a variety of scenarios. (EC2400: H2400P Head Extension Cord 5M, EC2400L: H2400P Head Extension Cord 10M)

Tech Specs

Output Power2400Ws
Flash Duration Time(fastest)≈1/17800s(t0.1)
Color TemperatureStability±75K over full power range
Flash ModeManual Flash
Multi-flash√ (times: 100, frequency: 100)
Delay Flash0.01~30s
LED Modeling Light60W
Optic Receiver FlashS1/S2
Flash Duration Time Indication
Display3.5inch color screen

2.4G Wireless Transmission

Wireless Function2.4GReceiver, Off
Controllable Receiver Groups2.4G16 groups: 0~9, A, B, C, D, E, F
Transmission Range2.4GApprox. 100m
Channel2.4G32 channels from 1 to 32
2.4G99 IDs from 01 to 99

433MHz Wireless Transmission

Wireless Function433MHzReceiver, Off
Controllable Receiver Groups433MHz16 groups: 0~9, A, B, C, D, E, F
Transmission Range433MHzApprox. 30m
Channel433MHz32 channels from 1 to 32


Power SupplyAC Power Supply
Recycling Time(fastest)≈0.7s at full power
Energy-savingCan be set to power off automatically after 30, 60, 120 minutes
Sync Triggering Method3.5mm sync cord


Net Weight≈11Kg

Product Firmware
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