UHF Compact Wireless Microphone System
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Pro but Tiny

The WMicS2 system, as an evolution of S1, packs more professional functions into a smaller body. More wearable and portable than products of its kind, the transmitter can be attached to your collar by the back clip, by the included magnet plate, or be hidden under your clothes easily. Whether to use the built-in mic directly or record through an external lav mic, your work will always be burdenless.

Long and Stable Transmission

The S2 system has a 200m line-of-sight transmission distance, more than enough for both indoor and outdoor usage. Free to choose among 96 frequencies, it can always help you to find the cleanest frequency at the location to avoid wireless signal interference.

Superb as You Want

Compared with internal microphones of cameras or mobile devices, S2 will not only meet but exceed your expectation. It captures clear and accurate audio for filmmaking, interview, podcasting, lecture, live streaming and more. The low-cut function helps to remove low-frequency noises like wind noise and rumbling sounds at one press.

Internal Recording for Double Assurance

Many recording scenarios are unrepeatable, which means there is hardly a way to fix it afterward if the wireless connection gets wrong. Now, with S2 system, your audio is more secure. The transmitter has a TF card slot for internal recording, providing a perfect backup for wireless conditions. Better yet, it can also work as a recorder independently.     

Mono/Stereo Mode Available

The dual-channel system can record audio from two people at the same time. Featuring Mono/Stereo mode, it makes post-processing much easier. Choose Stereo mode if you need two separate audio tracks, or else Mono mode for a combined one.

More than a Charging Case

The three-slot charging case can charge two transmitters and one receiver simultaneously, especially beneficial to on-location or long-time recording, and enable you to stay focused on creations without interruption. With the button inside, just one click is needed to pair the whole system, which gives you true out-of-the-box operability.

Rich in Function, Easy to Operation

With an intuitive OLED display and plenty of advanced features, such as screen flip, real-time monitoring, one-press-to-mute and 10-level volume setting, even a beginner can get full control and quick adjustment of the audio, making creations simple and efficient. 

Wide Compatibility

As a highly versatile product suitable for 

multi-scenario applications, the system is compatible with a wide range of devices such as cameras, camcorders, smartphones, recorders, tablets, mixers and others. 

Tech Specs
Product NameBody-pack TransmitterPortable ReceiverUHF Charging Case
ModelWMicS2 TX2WMicS2 RX2WM-C
Channel96 (Group A: 48;Group B: 48)96 (Group A: 48;Group B: 48)
RF Frequency Range514.56MHz-553.92MHz514.56MHz-553.92MHz
Audio Frequency Range40Hz-18KHz40Hz-18KHz
Sound Delay12ms12ms
Audio Input Port3.5mm3.5mm
Lithium Battery Capacity770mAh770mAh10000mAh
Type-C Input Parameters5V/0.4A5V/0.4A5V/2A(Max.)
Working Temperature Range-10~45℃-10~45℃-10~45℃
Receiving DistanceBarrier-free receiving distance: 200m

Barriered receiving distance: 60m

Barrier-free receiving distance: 200m

Barriered receiving distance: 60m

Signal Noise Ratio≈70dB≈70dB
Receive Sensitivity
Below 3%
Dimension65.8*50.4*20.5mm (Antenna length:65mm)65.8*58.4*20.5mm (Antenna length:65mm)185.8*84.2*42mm
Net Weight57g66g367g

Product Firmware
Product Manual
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