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Creating Background

Distinguishing themselves with the vintage look, the Lux Junior and Lux Senior remind photographer Zhuo Ya of those film ages on-camera flashes not only by how they look but also by how they work. “Firstly when I got those little lights, I think they look really classic. It actually surprises me how those lights work, especially with this Lux Senior”, said Zhuo Ya

In creating, he used the flashes both as props and as part of lighting, which works surprisingly well. Check these creative works and the lighting breakdowns and see what inspiration you can get from them.


Setup 1

The first setting is shot indoors. He used one Lux Senior at 1/16 power as the main light.


Final Image


Lighting Breakdown

Setup 2

In the second outdoor shot, he also used one Lux Senior at 1/2 power as the main flash, and a reflector to bounce the flash. 


Final Image


Final Image


Lighting Breakdown

Setup 3

In the third shot, he used the Lux Senior at 1/4 power to be the main light. 


Final Image


Final Image


Lighting Breakdown

Setup 4

Lighting in the fourth shot is the same as which in the second shot - one Lux Senior at 1/2 power as the main flash. In this shot, two Lux Seniors are used as props to create the scenarios of the old days when journalists were photographing celebrities. 


Final Image


Lighting Breakdown 

Setup 5

In the final shot in which Zhuo Ya came up with a really interesting lighting setup, a Lux Junior and a Lux Senior are used both as props and as main light and rim light. 

“ We used Lux Senior as the main light, and then two Lux Juniors as the rim light ad fill light. I set up my fill flash on my camera as a filling light, which will also trigger the Lux Senior on the side as the main flash, which you can see on the model’s face. It works quite nicely as you can see as really simulates the fill that the model is in the bar and people photographing her.”


Final Image


Lighting Breakdown


BTS Image

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