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Are you looking for an affordable lighting solution to enhance your live streaming studio? Look no further! In this article, we showcase a four-light solution using the LA series LED lights, designed specifically for bag live streaming.

To create a visually appealing image, it's crucial to match your brand's style with the appropriate decorations. We chose a corner of the room as our livestream area to add depth to the image.

In terms of the decorating setup, we placed two chic racks behind the streamer and added handbags on them. Next to the display rack, we placed paintings, hangers, and a floor lamp. These elements enhance the overall aesthetic.

Now, let's talk about the lighting setup. Above the streamer, we positioned an LA150Bi with a 60x90 softbox. It's important to use a grid to control the lighting area, avoiding light spillage on the background, which may affect the depth of the image. This top-down light helps outline the streamer, separating her from the background.

On the upper left side, we placed an LA200Bi with a QRP90 as the key light. It illuminates the streamer and the handbags. Again, make sure to use a grid to control the lighting areas.

On the upper right side, we also positioned an LA200Bi with a QRP90 as a fill light. This light reduces shadows on the streamer and enhances the details of the handbags.

Slightly below the front of the streamer, we placed an LA150Bi with a 60x90 softbox. This light brightens her legs and chin, minimizing shadows.

So that’s the solution for creating a livestreaming studio for handbags on a budget. If you found it useful, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more lighting solutions for live streaming.s

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