Effortless DMX Control & Mapping, Right on Your Tablet
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Reliable Lighting Control for Professionals

Introducing the Godox KNOWLED app, a professional-grade tablet app for seamless lighting control, leveraging a universal DMX protocol. This app transforms your tablet into a versatile lighting console, capable of managing all DMX lights with stable connections across any brand, supporting both CRMX and Art-Net connections. It provides convenient light mapping and an intuitive interface, enhancing efficiency and ease of use in your lighting setup. Free download on iPad and Android tablets, plus 1 universe free! 

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Light Mapping Made Easy

The Godox KNOWLED app makes Light Mapping accessible to all, enabling easy scene and lighting matching from your tablet. It requires no extra tools, allowing for the creation of realistic visuals with simple operations. This app simplifies complex light mapping and manages production costs.

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2 Ways for Mapping

Video Mapping allows you to upload pre- edited video clips. Syncing lighting with the video playback for sampling and adjustments. 

Live Mapping involves using the tablet's camera to point at a live scene or screen, adjusting lighting in real-time to match the scene.

Everything Visualized: Lighting Layout

It's incredibly convenient! With the Godox KNOWLED app, you can easily position fixtures on the grid to match your on-set lighting setup. This provides a crystal-clear view of all fixture positions and statuses, making it highly intuitive. It streamlines your creative work and boosts efficiency.

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Make Intuitive, Precise Adjustments

The visual interface, combined with the convenience of tablet touch controls, allows you to make precise adjustments to brightness, color temperature, or color saturation using an intuitive graphical interface. This ensures you achieve the exact desired effect.

User-Friendly Interface

The interface is designed to be clean and intuitive, providing an effortless way to navigate and master all functions.

Your Lighting Library, Your Way

Godox KNOWLED app offers an extensive system of DMX light fixture library and allows users to create their own local library tailored to their specific requirements. You can easily add, edit, or delete lighting fixtures at any time.

Light Control in Your Hands, Anywhere

A tablet is all you need for seamless lighting control with the Godox KNOWLED app, enhancing flexibility and efficiency in any setting.

Wireless or Wired

Godox KNOWLED app provides two connectivity options: Bluetooth to CRMX and Ethernet Art-Net, giving you the flexibility to choose based on your specific requirements.

Get 1 Universe: Free Access!

Time to embrace the new Godox KNOWLED app! We're excited to invite all gaffers, cinematographers, and DPs to download this app. Experience unparalleled lighting control today!

Whether you're involved in film and television production or large-scale advertising shoots, Godox KNOWLED app will prove to be your reliable companion. Let's embark on a journey to explore the limitless potential of visual storytelling together.

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