KNOWLED Air Tube Light

Dynamic Soft Light
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Ultimate Soft Light Solution

The AT200Bi is all about achieving soft and brilliant lighting in a portable design. Seamlessly combining an LED mat with an inflatable softbox, its expansive emitting surface ensures the emission of gentle, even, and virtually shadow-free illumination, making it the ideal soft light source.

Handheld or Suspended

Discover the powerful light-shaping abilities with a range of accessories. It can be handheld, suspended, or stand-mounted for flexible usage in various shooting scenarios, achieving your desired lighting result effectively.

Modular Innovation

AT200Bi boasts a modular design, allowing effortless separation of the air softbox from the LED mat. This unique feature enhances user convenience and ensures hassle-free maintenance. In case of air softbox damage, it can be repaired or replaced independently, minimizing expenses.

Effortless Command

AT200Bi offers multiple control options, including DMX512, App control, and wireless remote (sold separately). When paired with the Godox TimoLink RX, it also supports CRMX control. Swift, stable, and precise adjustments significantly improve on-set efficiency.

Adaptable to Diverse Scenes

The color temperature range of 2700K to 8500K enables effortless adjustment of lighting warmth or coolness, catering various subjects and artistic styles.

IP65 Weather-Resistance

Boasting an IP65 weather-resistant light body, the AT200Bi is your ally in rain or shine. Envelop your creativity in its brilliance, even amid challenging outdoor environments.

Superb Light Quality

Maintaining Godox's high-quality LED standards, the AT200Bi boasts an average CRI and TLCI rating above 96, ensuring exceptional light quality.

Power Flexibility

In addition to AC power, the AT200Bi also supports V-mount batteries, giving you the freedom to take it on the go for a shooting adventure.

Foldable Masterpiece in Convenience

The foldable design and lightweight construction enhance mobility, seamlessly adapting to various environments and scenes, and unlocking limitless creative possibilities. 

Elevate with Accessories

The AT200Bi comes with a selection of accessories, including skirts and grids, enabling various lighting results. Take control of light and shadow, elevating your shooting work on set to new heights.

FX Lighting Effects

Offering 11 built-in FX lighting effects with customizable parameters, these options expand creative possibilities and bring your ideas into vibrant reality.

Tech Specs
Power Supply100V-240V~50/60Hz 2.1A
Max. Power≈210W
Brightness Range0%-100%
Dimming Curveslinear, s-curve, exponential, logarithmic
FX Modes11
Waterproof Grade of Light BodyIP65
Controlling Methods

DMX 512 Control (support RDM protocol), 

2.4GHz Wireless Control, Bluetooth APP Control

Bluetooth Controlling DistanceMax. 30m
2.4G Remote Control DistanceMax. 60m
Type-A USB PortFirmware Upgrade/5V⎓1A Power Supply

Light Body: 280mm*267mm*1226mm/ 11”*11"*48" 

(With air bag and in the inflated state, does not include the connection cable.)

Controller: 124mm*132mm*270mm


Light Body: 2.15kg (Including airbag)

Controller: 2.8kg


Product Firmware
Product Manual
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