BeamLight Max90

BeamLight Max90

Cinematic-Grade Parallel Beam Lighting
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5° Beam Angle

Utilizing cutting-edge optical design and precision techniques, the BeamLight Max90 achieves an incredibly narrow beam angle of just 5°. This enables it to deliver powerful parallel beams with slow decay and remarkable efficiency, making it perfect for replicating natural sunlight over long distances. When combined with Cine Lighting Reflectors LiteFlow, it forms an optimal parallel lighting system, maximizing light utilization efficiency.

An Innovative Solution

The BeamLight Max90 significantly enhances the throw distance and illuminance of G-Mount LED fixtures, such as the KNOWLED MG2400Bi and MG1200Bi. When combined with the MG2400Bi, it offers astonishing brightness comparable to traditional 12K HMI fixtures while reducing power requirements and simplifying setup, transforming on-set lighting dynamics.

Versatile G-Mount Compatibility

Designed with the innovative Godox G-Mount, the BeamLight Max90 is compatible with current models such as the MG1200Bi and MG2400Bi, as well as future releases of G-Mount LED fixtures. This design ensures outstanding versatility and cost-effectiveness within the system.

Revolution with LED Integration

Compared to traditional fixtures, the integration of LED lights with the BeamLight Max90 extends the advantages of LED lighting systems, offering convenient brightness adjustment, swift CCT switching, and prolonged lifespan. This synergy continually explores new possibilities for on-set lighting design.

Enhanced Mobility and Flexibility

With its flexible yoke design enhancing space efficiency and facilitating easy transportation in the included Flight Case, the BeamLight Max90 ensures seamless mobility between locations. Moreover, the yoke enables extensive flexibility for adjusting angles with ease, allowing for versatile lighting setups.

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