LED Projection Attachment
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Meet the BLP, where creativity merges with playfulness. 360° rotatable design allows for effortless adjustment of projection patterns. And with superior heat management, expansive lens options, and endless creative accessories, the BLP serves as a perfect tool for artists and creators. Beyond just lighting, the BLP is a catalyst for artistic brilliance.

360° Rotatable Design

With its ingenious 360° rotatable design, you can effortlessly fine-tune the orientation of your projection patterns through a simple rotation of the front part, granting you easy control at your fingertips.

Artistic Precision

Discover the precision art with the BLP, where expertly crafted lenses create crisp spots and sharp edges. It produces a clear circle with accurate color rendering, ensuring your visuals are imbued with true-to-life colors and sharp details from edge to edge.

Superior Heat Management

The lenses come equipped with heat-insulating covers to ensure scalding protection. The BLP boasts a spacious base and multiple openings that envelop its body, delivering exceptional heat dissipation performance. These features guarantee a reliable runtime and an extended lifespan.

Expansive Lens Options

In addition to the standard 85mm lens, the BLP provides three additional lenses (48mm, 65mm, and 150mm) available separately. Tailored to diverse needs, these lenses ensure you're always ready for the perfect shot. Plus, these lenses seamlessly pair with the flash version BFP, offering great convenience. 

Endless Possibilities

Unleash your creative brilliance with the BLP - a powerhouse of endless possibilities! This is your chance to unlock the gateway to a world of artistic exploration, offering abundant accessories that empower you to push the boundaries of your creativity. 

Versatile EF-Mount

Equipped with an EF lens mount, the BLP seamlessly accommodates a variety of EF lenses alongside its dedicated lens. 

Note: For optimal results and lens protection, we recommend pairing your BLP with Godox lenses. 

Bowens Mount for Wide Compatibility

Boasting a broad base and Bowens Mount, the BLP effortlessly supports a diverse range of Bowens-Mount lights. From the SL Series to the M Series, LA Series, SZ Series, and beyond, experience seamless compatibility for an array of lighting options. 

Note: It’s recommended to be paired with LED lights under 300W.

Tech Specs

DimensionNet Weight
Projection Attachment (excluding lens)220mm*220mm*166mm≈ 1.3kg
48mm Lens104mm*104mm*160mm≈ 1.2kg
65mm Lens80mm*80mm**72mm≈ 0.5kg
85mm Lens80mm*80mm*88mm≈ 0.5kg
150mm Lens80mm*80mm*129mm≈ 0.7kg

Product Firmware
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