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Gear Up for the NAB Show Expo 2024 with Godox!


Las Vegas, NV - April 14, 2024

Looking back on the excitement of the NAB Show Expo 2024, held from April 14-17 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Godox is thrilled to reminisce on the electrifying showcase that took place at booth C5735.

Introducing the BeamLight Max90, the latest addition to Godox's cinematic lighting ecosystem, designed to complement G-Mount lights like the MG1200Bi, MG2400Bi, and future models. With its cinematic-grade parallel beam lighting solution, it has truly revolutionized on-set lighting dynamics.

Recap of BeamLight Max90 Features:

  • 5° Beam Angle

  • Parallel Beam with Slow Decay

  • Incredible Throw and Illuminance

  • Punchy Lighting

  • G-Mount Compatibility

Reflecting on the event, one standout was the high anticipation and buzz surrounding the RGB Flexible light mat. Following the success of our dual-color temperature light mats, the introduction of the RGB version was met with great enthusiasm. Fully adjustable with vibrant RGB illumination, CRMX support, IP-rated waterproof construction for both the light panel and control box, and the introduction of the new accessory, the inflatable softbox (airbag), it captivated the attention of attendees and sparked excitement.

Additionally, visitors had the opportunity to experience the power of the KNOWLED APP alongside the P600R and P300R lights. Together, they created a miniature lighting mapping scene, complete with an experiential area that drew in many eager users.

Another highlight was the unveiling of the MG1200R, boasting high power, brightness, full-color adjustability, and point light source capabilities.

P600R: Illuminate Your World

  • More realistic light mapping thanks to high pixel density.

  • Effortlessly integrates with virtual production environments.

  • Achieve color consistency across units, perfectly harmonized with KNOWLED lights.

  • Precise color matching across Rec.2020, DCI-P3, and Rec.709 spaces.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to @digitalcinemasociety for their steadfast support and the incredible lighting demo by the talented @traviswears. Special thanks to our presenter,, for the introduction.

Stay illuminated with Godox!

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