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Godox Celebrates Women's Day


#godoxthroughthelens | March 7-11, 2024

Godox, a leading innovator in the field of photography equipment, is proud to announce its participation in International Women's Day celebrations with the #GodoxThroughTheLens campaign. From March 7th to March 11th, the campaign invited photographers, models, makeup artists, stylists, and all photography enthusiasts to join in honoring the remarkable women who shape visual narratives and redefine beauty through their lens.

Celebrating Women in Visual Arts:

The #GodoxThroughTheLens campaign brought together a diverse community of creatives, highlighting the strength and diversity of womanhood. As models, makeup artists, stylists, and photographers united, a symphony of creativity echoed through the frames, celebrating the unsung heroines who bring life to every image.

Spotlight on Sarah Edmunds:

Meet Sarah Edmunds (@sarahedmundsphotographer), an esteemed judge for both The Societies of Photographers in the UK and the US-based WPPI. Sarah's passion for photography has been a lifelong journey, capturing every narrative through her lens. Reflecting on her craft, she emphasizes, "As photographers, we often find comfort behind the camera. Yet, creating a self-portrait demands courage and self-acceptance."

How to Participate:

Participants were encouraged to:

  • Follow and like @godox_global on Instagram.

  • Post a powerful image or video of women using #GodoxThroughTheLens, accompanied by a short story description.


The campaign offered exciting prizes, including the LC500mini and V1Pro.

Participation Highlights:

The response to the #GodoxThroughTheLens campaign was overwhelming, with numerous participants sharing meaningful video and photo submissions. Two standout entries were selected-@lauraknipsael 

and @lisaderevycka_photographe,

showcasing fashion beauty across different age groups and professions, as well as emphasizing female empowerment and body positivity.

Looking Ahead:

As the #GodoxThroughTheLens campaign concludes, Godox remains committed to championing diversity, empowerment, and creativity in visual storytelling. The campaign has not only celebrated the talent and resilience of women in the industry but has also sparked meaningful conversations around representation and self-expression.

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