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Successful Showcase at BSC Expo 2024 in London


London, UK - February 15-17, 2024 (UTC/GMT 0.00)

Overview: GODOX, a leading name in lighting solutions, recently participated in the prestigious BSC Expo 2024, organized by the British Society of Cinematographers. Held in London, the expo showcased a diverse range of international film and television equipment brands. GODOX's booth, strategically located on the second floor, spanned 56 square meters, featuring an impressive display of products, including the much-anticipated LiteFlow and MG2400Bi.

Exhibition Highlights:

  • LiteFlow and MG2400Bi stole the spotlight, attracting significant attention and positive feedback.

  • The innovative GODOX KNOWLED APP mapping feature garnered high interest, providing a unique and interactive experience for visitors.

  • New product additions, such as the P1200R Hard, S60Bi, and F600R, showcased GODOX's commitment to pushing boundaries in the lighting industry.

Visitor Engagement:

The expo witnessed a diverse audience, including seasoned DOPs, filmmakers, students, KOLs, and representatives from production companies and rental firms. The GODOX booth received praise for its thoughtful layout, ensuring that each product had its moment in the spotlight. Noteworthy was the increased interest from Chinese students studying in the UK, showcasing a keen enthusiasm for GODOX products.

Product Feedback:

  • LiteFlow and MG2400Bi were crowd favorites, with numerous inquiries and comparisons, particularly with other industry-leading brands.

  • The GODOX App mapping display, coupled with Verve film's collaboration, attracted substantial attention, generating curiosity among attendees.

  • The RGB panel light, P1200R Hard, received moderate attention, with valuable feedback highlighting a need for waterproof features in the local market.

  • The S60Bi, strategically placed at the entrance, gained more visibility and interest after repositioning.

Market Insights:

  • GODOX identified a potential market niche among European production teams, focusing on durability and waterproof features, especially for outdoor shoots.

  • Collaborative efforts with renowned DOPs, like Roger Deakins, further strengthen GODOX's presence in the industry.


The BSC Expo 2024 was a resounding success for GODOX, showcasing its commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions. The positive response from attendees affirms GODOX's position as a leading player in the film and television lighting industry.

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