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Godox at Inter BEE 2023


Inter BEE 2023 took center stage in Chiba, Japan, from November 15th to 17th. Inter BEE is an international exhibition that brings the latest innovations relating to the content business from Japan and overseas together under one roof as the greatest professional exhibition for audio, video and communications in Japan as backed up by our history and results.

Inter BEE with the aim of transforming into a comprehensive media event that encompasses the technical elements of “making (producing),” “delivery (transmitting)” and “receiving (experiencing)” content with content positioned at the core. Inter BEE do this as an exhibition that presents new user experiences in the media industry in the digital transformation age. 

Let’s look closely at the major highlights from Godox.

KNOWLED Bi-color LED Light MG1200Bi

The foremost highlight was the MG1200Bi LED. This cutting-edge game-changer is equipped with a robust 1200 watts draw that spans all color temperature ranges, between 2800K and 6500K. With an innovative G-mount mounting system design and unprecedented COB blending technology, the luminous efficacy lifts over 30% of the same power consumption, realizing less than 1400 watts power consumption but over 1200 watts power draw. The light brightness is far more exciting, on par with a 2.5K HMI Fresnel. Leveraging a four-light bracket, the brightness can compete with a 10K HMI. What makes it outstanding is its precise dimming of real 0.1% — offering users subtle control over their lighting, its color-accurate light-fidelity, flicker-free feature under high-speed camera shooting, and IP54-rated. Versatile user scenarios are provided by just a G-mount MG1200Bi with many kinds of G-mount optics look. MG1200BI could be one of DoP’s best choices for bi-color LED light. 

KNOWLED Cine Lighting Reflector LiteFlow

With an outstanding reflectance rate, a versatile range of diffusion type and size options, LiteFlow offers remarkable light quality, convenient control, and streamlined workflow on set. Experience a world of boundless inspiration and effortless lighting with the new cinematic lighting solution. With a mere 3% power loss, LiteFlow boasts exceptional reflectance to produce high-quality light. Its cutting-edge craftsmanship offers four distinct diffusion types, allowing for various beam spread effects. Each diffusion type comes with five size options, enabling precise control over your illuminated area. Say goodbye to the hassles of traditional flag setups and elevate your lighting experience with our efficient solution. 

KNOWLED Air Tube Light AT200Bi

AT200Bi features an expansive emitting surface with a wide light spread, bathing surroundings in a soft and even glow. The lightweight design adds convenience and flexibility. AT200Bi combines an LED mat with an inflatable softbox to emit radiant yet gentle light. It creates a naturally even glow with minimal shadows, making it the ideal soft light source. AT200Bi boasts a modular design, allowing effortless separation of the air softbox from the LED mat. This unique feature enhances user convenience and ensures hassle-free maintenance. The foldable design and lightweight construction enhance mobility, seamlessly adapting to various environments and scenes, and unlocking limitless creative possibilities.

KNOWLED Flexible LED Mat F200Bi/F400Bi/F600Bi

The KNOWLED series F200Bi/F400Bi/F600Bi is a foldable and wear-resistant LED mat that is specifically designed for cinema-grade production. It is built to be sturdy and adaptable to harsh conditions, with IP65 waterproofing and excellent color rendering. It has excellent color rendering with a wide CCT range from 2700k to 8500k. This LED mat provides an optimal balance of weight, brightness, durability, and performance, making it ideal for various applications. Its foldable design makes it easy to store in smaller spaces, and it also helps protect the LED beads. Additionally, the upgraded Type-A interface of the dimmer enables firmware updates and power supply to DMX devices.   

KNOWLED Bi-color Panel Light P600Bi Hard

P600Bi is a 30cm×30cm panel light with a power output of 650 W, ideal for large-area lighting, especially as space lighting in production. Apart from diverse professional control connection choices, with external antennas and automatic frequency hopping capability, it ensures stable signals all the time. With a much lighter weight versus its counterparts, a perfect cooling system, flicker-free capability, and 0.1% precise adjustment, the P600Bi Hard is designed for production-ready standards.


Knowled brings you a series of pixel lights with high pixel density, superior color quality, and multiple length options. The superior pixel density makes it easy to get true-to-life scenes. Being able to control more separate pixels grants a smoother pixel movement, which simulates the actual light moving more vividly and enables more precise pixel mapping. Additionally, you can program pixel parameters in three built-in pixel effects including chase, flow and fade. The lights in the lineup deliver DMX, CRMX, RDM, and wireless control via the Godox Light 3.0 App. Interior batteries work for about two hours of runtime, or continuous AC power can be utilized. They are available as individual units or in kits of 4 or 8 lights, with tube lengths ranging from 2-feet to 8-feet.

Godox Audio Wireless Microphone Virso/Virso S

The Virso/Virso S offers you an unprecedented recording experience. Cableless and handy, ultra-long battery life for your all-day creation, ideal for three-people interviews, vlogs, commentaries, or documentaries. Designed to be the ultimate audio solution, Virso SRX features an innovative hotshoe mount that can slide directly onto the Multi Interface shoe of Sony cameras. It allows for a more stable connection and superior audio quality that go beyond what the traditional 3.5mm cable connections have to offer.

Godox Audio Wireless Microphone WEC

With an ultra-compact design, incredible compatibility, long-lasting duration, and pristine audio performance, WEC is ideal for live streaming, interviews, vlogging, outdoor shooting and more. With a mere 12g in TX and 16g in RX, the WEC offers seamless portability without sacrificing an ounce of performance. Just like a feather dancing on the breeze, your inspiration will find its wings with WEC. Experience unparalleled audio quality with lossless sound reproduction. Providing both Mono and Stereo modes, the WEC ensures that every nuance of your sound is faithfully captured for an immersive listening experience.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who visited our booth at Inter BEE. Your exploration of our offerings and valuable feedback contribute to our continuous innovation. Stay tuned for updates on our future shows, and we look forward to welcoming you there!

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