Peter Sharp


Peter Sharp is the owner and photographer of Tame and Wild Studio, located on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. His love of all animals is what fuels his passion to capture all aspects of their unique personalities and translate this into high quality artwork and memories for his clients. Peter has a gift of making every animal, that comes into his Studio feel relaxed and happy, whether they be tame or wild. 

Over the past five years, he has received over 160 photography and business awards, both nationally and internationally, including being named NSW Pet Animal Photographer of the Year in 2018. 

Peter has worked with some amazing Australian companies on commercial shoots with animals including Virgin Australia, Amazon Australia, Petstock, Petbarn and Lyka. 

He is also the proud author of the book, Lost but Found, which tells the incredible and emotional stories of 40 dogs from Sydney Dogs and Cats Home and their journey from rescue to adoption. 

Peter’s voluntary work for and partnerships with Sydney Dogs and Cats Home, Sydney Wildlife and Wild2Free highlight his passion for animal welfare

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